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Family Live Network

Interviewed by Traci Lynn Woolsey

Mel Walker opens the conversation on ways parents and churches can engage youth in a realistic, Bible-based ways on the journey of genuine, lasting faith.

Walker point to Timothy as a Biblical example of a young man who grew up to have a personal, vital faith of his own.

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WRGN Radio

Interviewed by Tim Madeira

WAKE UP RIGHT: Mel Walker joins Tim & Doug during the 8 o’clock hour to talk about his new book “Going on For God”. You won’t want to miss this conversation concerning this book that COULD change the way you look at Youth Ministry and how you raise your kids!

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WPEL Radio

Interviewed by David McFadden

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About The Author

My 40-plus years of involvement in youth ministry has led me to the conviction that impacting emerging generations is essential for both Christian families and the church. As Christ followers we each have the responsibility to reproduce our faith in the lives of the next generations – and I’m saying that both to parents and pastors and other church leaders. They are our kids, and we must take the responsibility to intentionally encourage them for long-term spiritual maturity.