Mentoring the Next Generation



Mentoring is a way for local churches to make intentional and growing, inter-generational connections. I define mentoring as the practice of caring, Godly, older adults taking the initiative to develop personal, growing relationships with younger people to encourage spiritual and personal maturity. This can be an incredibly practical way to build God-honoring connections in your church. Even today’s busy adults can mentor eager younger people by utilizing activities that are already a part of their schedules to build those connections. Effective mentoring can happen in the church foyer, on a golf course, or in a crowded coffee shop. It can take place while running errands or while serving together in the church.
This easy-to-read and easy-to-apply book provides a real-world and pro-active strategy to practically connect the generations in your church


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About The Author

My 40-plus years of involvement in youth ministry has led me to the conviction that impacting emerging generations is essential for both Christian families and the church. As Christ followers we each have the responsibility to reproduce our faith in the lives of the next generations – and I’m saying that both to parents and pastors and other church leaders. They are our kids, and we must take the responsibility to intentionally encourage them for long-term spiritual maturity.