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Practical Mentoring Ideas


If the adult says, "I have no more time to invest": -Add specific young people to your personal prayer list and pray faithfully for them. -Begin a non-threatening conversation with young people in the church foyer. -Greet teenagers and young adults with a big smile and handshake. -Ask them for a prayer

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Practical Ideas to Help Kids Grow Up to Go On for God


Practical Ideas for Pastors, Youth Workers, and Other Church Leaders: Invite older adults to share their story (their testimony) with the youth group or young adult group in your church. Schedule a time for mature teenagers to participate in all of the ministries of the church (e.g. attend deacons’ meetings, etc.) and report

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My 40-plus years of involvement in youth ministry has led me to the conviction that impacting emerging generations is essential for both Christian families and the church. As Christ followers we each have the responsibility to reproduce our faith in the lives of the next generations – and I’m saying that both to parents and pastors and other church leaders. They are our kids, and we must take the responsibility to intentionally encourage them for long-term spiritual maturity.